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Rachael Cristine Woody

The reason I love history is because it provides a chronicle of humanity’s stories. By working in an archives, I get to interact with artifacts that offer insight into people, places, and events from our past. Working with collections can offer an intimate perspective of those who have come before us. When I work with a historical collection I can see the day to day thoughts people have, feelings they experience, and decisions they make. As an archivist, my job is to preserve, protect, and present historical artifacts so that we may engage with history. 

I have an MSLIS with a concentration in archives management, and more than 15 years of experience in history organizations — including the Smithsonian Institution and the Oregon Wine History Archive. Much of my work has been to develop and launch archival programs from scratch or help revitalize dormant archives. My specialty is teaching organizations how to care for, manage, and present their collections. My job is to empower them to meet their mission and help them share the stories at the heart of their collections.

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Maia Patten

History is fascinating and full of stories that create the present we are currently living. My love for archival work stems from the wonder of getting to know people and places through the things they leave behind. Working with archival collections allows us to gain knowledge and understanding of people, locations, and time periods in a very personal way. Through my work to catalog and preserve these items, I help bring these stories to light and ensure the knowledge found in these materials is accessible to the larger public.

I have a bachelor’s degree in History from Linfield University where I spent a year and a half working in the university’s Oregon Wine and History Archive. After college I spent some time working as a Children’s Librarian Assistant which solidified my desire to obtain a MSLIS in the future.

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Northwest Archivist-in-Residence

Knowing our own value is at the root of how we feel about ourselves. It can dictate how others see our worth and quite literally impact our bottom line. If we want a healthy profession we all need to be paid our worth, and I'm investing from the bottom up. In 2019, I launched the Archivist-in-Residence program under the auspices of Northwest Archivists. Please consider supporting this paid residency with a tax deductible donation.

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