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Session Abstract

When you think of grant writing what comes to mind? For my clients it's usually a feeling of overwhelm as you juggle the need for grant money with the intense pressure to craft a winning grant proposal. And unfortunately 2020 has only increased the level of competition as every library, archives, and museum struggles to keep financially afloat. If ever there was a time to get good at grant writing--it's now. So what grant writing roadblocks are in between you and writing grants with confidence? Tell me what they are and let's get into it. Reserve your spot by registering to attend with the "Reserve My Spot" button above.

Rachael Cristine Woody

In my first year as an archivist working in a world-renowned museum, I realized pretty quickly that funding for archives, museums, and cultural heritage organizations was scarce. However, I didn’t let this stop me. I worked hard to become a grant acquisition expert and now I help organizations get the resources they need to fund their work and get back to doing the job they love. I take 2-3 grant clients a year to work on grant strategy, project creation, and successful application. From small local grants, to private foundations, to large federal grants--I've applied to them all and won. So bring your questions, because I'm ready to talk about everything grants.

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